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The Biodynamics of Osseointegration Facts and Clinical Implications

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Dr. Peter Schupbach


    The Biodynamics of Osseointegration Facts and Clinical Implications

    Dental implants are placed into the alveolar bone, with the expectation that they become osseointegrated and that the periimplant mucosa will heal to the abutment surface and fulfill the primary functions of the periodontal tissues, which are attachment and protection of the soft tissue and the underlying bone.

    This requires that the rather rigid ankylotic like connection between implant and bone replaces functionally the sophisticated suspension via the periodontal ligament as offered by the evolution and, that the structural framework of the periimplant mucosa matches the architecture of the gingiva. 

    The context of an understanding of the elicited host site interfacial healing response will be reiterated for the time period immediately following implant placement up to long term behavior. The role of the implants

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