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Horizontal Augmentation Techniques: Ridge Expansion

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Dr. Daniel Cullum


    Horizontal Augmentation Techniques: Ridge Expansion

    Why would you want to use ridge expansion? Ridge expansion allows us, through varying techniques, to make cuts in the bone, to bend the bone, and to create a 4-wall bony defect that we can place a tapered implant into with viable bone surrounding it. It allows us to restore a more natural arch form, increase vestibular depth, and help to place implants in a more restorative driven position.

    Ridge expansion allows us to have unique healing vs. grafting "turn-over", and it allows us to have special clinical applications that we can't achieve with any other technique. It shortens the healing interval and reduces pain. For our patients it is a very minimally invasive approach. However, these techniques have a steeper learning curve and require special instrumentation to complete.

    This lecture will show you how ridge expansion can enhance your practice and your patient care.


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