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DVD Video Implant Interactions in Orthodontics

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    DVD Video Implant Interactions in Orthodontics

    Whereas the advent of successful and predictable implant dentistry has had a pronounced impact on the practice of restorative dentistry, the same might not be said for the effect implants have had upon the specialty of Orthodontics. However, this presenter feels strongly that a new era of Orthodontic involvement with implants is upon us, and will illustrate the fascinating ability of implants to facilitate tooth movement.
    The development of implants as useful entities to an Orthodontist, both in the techniques of “Direct” and “Indirect Anchorage” will be presented and delineated. Cases in which implants are used to facilitate treatment by greater expediency, ease of manipulation, streamlined mechanotherapy, elimination of patient compliance and expanding treatment possibilities will all be illustrated.

    Learning Objectives:

    Gain an appreciation for the power of implants as a source of orthodontic anchorage
    Understand the difference between “direct” and “indirect anc

    113-00-1) What type of tissue modifications are possible to occur, utilizing orthodontic apliances?
    a) Only bone deposition
    b) only change in location of gingival margine
    c) both hard tissue and soft tissue modifications

    113-00-2) According to the lecture, what type of conventional class of orthodontic anchorage allows equal space closure?
    a) minimum anchorage
    b) maximum anchorage
    c) moderate anchorage

    113-00-3) All of the following are systems of indirect implant anchorage exept one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?
    a) Onplant (Nobel BioCare)
    b) Orthosystem (Straummann)
    c) Mini-Screws (Temporary Anchorage Devices)

    113-00-4) Do you agree with the following statement? Implant provides poor orthodontic and orthopedic anchorage.
    a) Agree
    b) Disagree


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