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Advanced Implant Therapy, Vol 1&2

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Sascha A. Jovanovic


    Advanced Implant Therapy, Vol 1&2



    Sascha A. Jovanovic, DDS, MS, Lecturer and Course Director, Implant Dentistry, UCLA Continuing Dental Education, Academic Chair and Founder of gIDE.


    Product Description

    The best of Series Global Institute for Dental Education

    Vol 1:

    3rd EDITION of Volume I – over 9,000 copies SOLD worldwide.

    The Live Clinical DVD series presents advanced clinical procedures performed LIVE by world-class clinicians on actual patients with full narration. This DVD Volume I is focused on current topics in Implant Dentistry and is updated, including more final long-term prosthetic results. It has 7 surgical procedures, introductory, reentry and follow-up footage and is published in 5 languages. 75 minutes total running time.

    ‘….a fantastic tool for details of surgical techniques….’
    ‘….well made and has all the latest material included….’
    ‘….clear, simple presentation with sophisticated procedures….’

    This DVD is Volume I in the Advanced Implant Therapy series and is focused on several current topics in Implant Dentistry. It features 5 clinical patient cases highlighting 7 procedures with diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical solution. All are presented with the highest quality digital video, close-up, edited and fully narrated throughout.
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    Immediate Tooth Replacement and Restorative Follow-Up Treatment; Palatal Connective Tissue Harvest and Soft Tissue Augmentation; Ramus Bone Harvest with Trephine technique and important Anatomical Landmarks; Block Bone Grafting in Posterior Mandible and subsequent 3 Implant Placements; Scalloped Implant placement with simultaneous GBR procedure, Oral Plastic Surgery and Restorative Follow-Up Treatment.

    Vol 2:

    • Learning Objectives:
      • Identify the various techniques for ridge augmentation, the indications and contraindications
      • Demonstrate step-by-step surgical procedure of distraction osteogenesis for hard and soft tissue augmentation
      • Plan and perform different ridge augme
    • Content:
      • This DVD features 4 clinical patient cases with a total of 9 procedures performed over the course of the patients treatment. All are presented with the highest quality digital video, close-up, edited and fully narrated throughout.
      • Horizontal Bone Augmentation, Vertical Bone Augmentation, Chin Bone Harvest, Distraction Osteogenesis, Implant Placement in Grafted Bone, GBR with simultaneous Implant Placement, Membrane Removal and Mucogingival Surgery.

    Languages: This DVD is published in English with Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian translation. Region Free and NTSC format and is playable in any TV DVD player or computer DVD player.

    Product Details

    • Publisher: gIDE
    • Total Length: approximately 3 hours
    • Language: English
    • Frame rate: 29 frames/ second
    • Dimension: 640 x 480
    • Total bitrate: 1625 kbps
    • File size: 2.00 Gb
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